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To a business or individual who is searching for a counsel, chartered accountant or corporate director, SS client regulation is a one-stop remedy. In specific, we have started our journey to ensure complete appreciation of the multilayered Indian legal framework by startups. We are aiming to be the leader in law and law services in India in terms of the depth of our products, connection with reliable professionals, affordable prices and client satisfaction.

Many entrepreneurs are uncertain as to what sort of organization to file before their business begins. Whether it is joint liability corporation, business firm, Independent Corporation or single proprietorship is private property, each one has very particular advantages and disadvantages. For all businesses, there is no one type. For example, registration of a private limited company would be fit for any company seeking financing at a later stage. For any advice you need, please contact SS Corporate Law House. For a fair price, we guarantee outstanding support.



What we offer our clients


Proven Track record

We offer our customers the best service, so what we do is so successful. We are committed to achieving the best results and have won our customers thousands of cases.


No Fees Before Work Done

Our company does not charge upfront charges. We handle instances of personal injuries on the basis of an insurance charge, and whether we accept or settle the lawsuit, you do not incur any cost.

Experienced Trial Attorneys

Our lawyers have extensive experience in winning difficult cases and have won over $1 billion for our customers.


24 hours availability

We are available 24/7, unlike many other companies. If you need us most, you can always rely on our company to be there. In person and on the phone, we are available. We are glad to come to you if our customers can not fit in our office.


Best  Advice

We counsel a broad array of regional as well as foreign consumers with a strong reputational, legal and market danger confronting tough scenarios. We advice companies and individuals provide advice and tactical aid to mitigate risks and, when matters most, protect reputations. We also encountered several areas and reputational danger circumstances, sometimes including ongoing lawsuits, political and legislative challenges, media coverage and heightened public oversight.